Prothotics insoles have a base layer of polyurethane to provide superior cushioning and minimal compression for all day comfort.  A mid-layer of memory foam is added to several of the current styles for an extra level of relief.  Specific styles address specific problems.  Choices such as Sport, Boot, Work and our premium Orthotic provide shock absorption, extra depth and width, relief of discomfort from standing on hard surfaces, and correct alignment through motion control.  Prothotics is an attractively packaged trim-to-fit program made in the USA with all materials sourced in the USA.

Prothotics Gels or Private Label Gels

Gels provide all day comfort in a large assortment of styles and geometries to address a wide range of foot ailments. From multi-durometer to breathable constructions our full length insoles and heel cups offer great value to the retailer and consumer. 


The Prothotics family of orthotics have been biomechanically designed to meet the exacting standards used by many professional footcare providers. Designed by a group of leading medical professionals, Prothotics provide a cost-effective method for treatment of many clinical pathologies diagnosed by podiatrists, and other footcare professionals. We are a Class 1 exempt medical device facility registered with the FDA to manufacture medical footwear products..