Bridging advanced concepts between the footwear and foot care industries, and benefiting from innovations from multi-channels, we have the global experience and means to design, develop and implement premium foam and gel foot care devices. 


  • Custom blended formulations
  • Lightest PU systems globally
  • Reduced tooling costs with flexible design elements
  • Economies of scale production
  • Foam systems from high energy return to low resiliency
  • Individual benefits from multi-channel exposure

The Prothotics family of orthotics have been biomechanically designed to meet the exacting standards used by many professional footcare providers. Designed by a group of leading medical professionals, Prothotics provide a cost-effective method for treatment of many clinical pathologies diagnosed by podiatrists, and other footcare professionals. We are a Class 1 exempt medical device facility registered with the FDA to manufacture medical footwear products..